ASSIST FM is delighted to announce the second year of the Scottish National Local Authority FM Awards. The Awards were developed to recognise the excellence, commitment and professionalism delivered on a daily basis throughout all Scotland’s Local Authorities. It is important that we raise the profile of our services by acknowledging individuals and teams of people who continue to make a real difference in the effective and efficient delivery of FM Services throughout Scotland’s Local authority network.Winning an ASSIST Scottish National FM Award will help boost the confidence, morale and motivation of Scottish local authority Facilities Management Teams. Our industry continues to be driven by the commitment and dedication of its workforce. Maintaining that enthusiasm, and building on performance and driving greater success are annual challenges for all FM operational teams.Acknowledgement of effort is particularly important to not only reward but sustain motivation. As the Leading professional body for all those delivering FM Services throughout Scotland’s local authorities, ASSIST FM are delighted to host the Scottish National FM Awards.