ASSIST FM Announces New Chair

The ASSIST FM Conference 2019 also saw the end of Keith Breasley’s tenure as Chair of ASSIST FM, with the appointment passed on to Vice-Chair Jayne Jones of Argyll & Bute Council at the AGM. Gerry Donnachie of South Lanarkshire Council was then appointed to the position as Vice-Chair.

Commenting on her appointment, Jayne Jones said: “Over the past two years, Keith has worked very hard on behalf of Scottish Local Authorities, at a time when there has been significant change across our services. He has represented our views with the development of revised Food and Drinks Standards, the implementation of free meals for early years pupils and many other matters, and has done this with great sensitivity and by consulting with ASSIST FM members. I’d like to thank him for all of his commitment and collaborative working.

I’m looking forward to representing ASSIST FM in the coming two years of further change, and to doing so in partnership with our members. I’m also looking forward to working with other National bodies to further the representation of public sector catering and FM services as best as I can.”