ASSIST FM Conference

The 18th ASSIST FM Conference takes place in Glasgow on 23-24 August 2018, with an exhibitor set up day on Wednesday 22 August. This year, for our conference there is an ‘Agents of Change’ theme and we will be highlighting speakers relevant to the ‘Year of Young People’ who are our future Agents of Change!

Our Conference and exhibition has become the premier event for Local Authority Facility Managers in Scotland. Look out for more information on our News pages.

Inch By Inch For Scotland

Inch by Inch for Scotland is a campaign aimed at reducing obesity amongst the population of Scotland by creating positive content aimed at teenagers and families to challenge them to take part in exercises or in preparing a healthier diet.

The campaign has been running since September 2017. This is a campaign aimed at reducing obesity by creating positive content aimed at teenagers and families. The core idea is to encourage teenagers and parents to do a small change or to take part in a small activity (food or exercise related) that will hopefully create an incremental change where people want to live healthier lives.

Scottish School Meals

The Scottish School Meals Week and Scottish School Meals website are intrinsically linked. Each year we promote great school catering across Scotland. The Scottish School meals Week 2018 will run from 29th October to the 32nd of November. Watch out for more information on the Scottish School Meals website.

Scot’s Origin

We will soon be rolling out the Scots Origin brand. We have two brand marks that councils and suppliers can use:

Mark 1: Country of origin is Scotland – It is grown on a Scottish farm. It is derived from fishing activities – in the North-East Atlantic (which includes the North Sea and Scottish coastal waters) and landed at a Scottish seaport in rivers, lochs or water courses and fish farms within Scotland.

Mark 2: Manufactured / processed in Scotland – It is manufactured or processed from raw ingredients (even though they may not originate from Scotland) in a Scottish factory or food facility which employs people and contributes positively to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Watch out for more information soon.