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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASSIST FM stand for?

ASSIST is the Association of Service Solutions in Scotland. Previously the organisation was called the Scottish Local Authority Catering Association but changed over 18 years ago to incorporate cleaning and other FM services.

Who are the members of ASSIST FM?

All the 32 Scottish Local Authorities are allowed to be members of ASSIST FM, although at present only the three island councils have not signed up for membership in 2018.

Is ASSIST FM a non-profit organisation?

Yes, it is. ASSIST FM raises some money from membership subscriptions. However, the majority of money comes from suppliers and these monies help us keep the costs for our Conference low every year.

Who are the committee members?

Currently we have 12 councils represented on the committee. Each year we allow committee members to come onto the committee, at the AGM on the second day of our Conference.

I’m interested in coming to the Conference but do not want to exhibit. Can I do this?

Unfortunately, we do not allow suppliers to come along to our conference unless they are taking, or paying for a full stand.

Do you have an email list of all members?

Unfortunately, due to data legislation, we do not publish this list. However, you can see committee member’s email addresses in the Committee page on this website.

How can I become a Supplier partner to ASSIST FM?

We only have 14 partners at any one time. We also have a rule not to allow direct competitors to become partners. Partners renew each year, and we have a waiting list of companies who want to become partners.


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