Better Eating, Better Learning Award 2018 - Early Years Centre

At the ASSIST FM Conference, St Ninian’s Primary and Early Years Centre in South Ayrshire Council was awarded the Better Eating, Better Learning Award for Early Years Centres for their Healthy Packed Lunches project. The project involved parents in four sessions of fun and relaxed healthy eating workshops which aimed to encourage the children to become more interested in healthier foods and provided the parents with more ideas for healthy snacks and packed lunches.Through this, St. Ninian’s Primary and Early Years Centre created clear partnerships between the catering staff and parents and the project also offered the chance for children, staff and parents to try different cuisines brought in by other parents.The impact of the project was that parents felt relaxed enough to share their concerns and find solutions to those concerns, and children became more willing to try a wider range of foods. The children can now also identify between healthy and unhealthy food very easily and parents are now more aware of how to prepare a healthy balanced lunch.[caption id="attachment_2596" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]

Conference Photography