ASSIST FM Supplier Innovation Of The Year 2017

Alliance Scotland has been focusing on sustainability for a number of years and working in partnership with suppliers who are at the forefront of sustainable innovation.In particular, they worked closely with InnuScience, the world leader in biological cleaning, with over 25 years of state-of-the-art research. InnuScience has engineered a full range of products formulated using unique and natural biotech formulations which offer superior results than that of conventional cleaning products. The product range is significantly less hazardous than ‘conventional’ chemicals, making it safe to use in all environments with significantly fewer implications for human health. InnuScience products offer the perfect solution for environmentally conscious clients to demonstrate respect the planet, the public and their own workforce without compromising on results or cleaning performance. Working with InnuScience and South Ayrshire Council we set up a trial in Queen Margaret Academy with a new cleaning regime which used only 3 cleaning products with ‘Bio-Actives’, replacing 9 ‘conventional’ chemical products.