ASSIST FM School Crossing Patroller Of The Year 2017

Robert Lamont is a janitor at Doonfoot Primary School in Ayr, who as part of his wide ranging work remit conducts school crossing patroller duties daily at the school. Robert is an exemplary example of an FM employee who has embraced the correct attitude and devotion to all aspects of his work at a very challenging time.Robert truly is part of the school community, a cheery face and welcome to all children and parents on their way to school at his crossing site, and a fond farewell on the way home. Robert is extremely conscientious and is always keen to share his experience and knowledge with the school pupils as part of any Road Safety or Life Skills classroom sessions. Doonfoot Primary School pupils, staff and parents think very highly of Robert, and this is recognised through the range of positive feedback continuously received about him. Undernoted are some recent comments made about Robert:Caroline Connell – Head Teacher Doonfoot Primary School: “Robert is one of the most gentlemanly people I have met. Robert is part of our team and he always works above and beyond to support our children. When he is asked to do something he goes the extra mile. He is a very busy man each day with his duties, but is always delighted to lend his experience in the classroom to talk the children about important things such as Road Safety, and because the children have such a good relationship with him, they really listen!”