ASSIST FM School Cleaning Team Of The Year

Patna CampusPatna Campus is almost unique in that it incorporates so much within one integrated campus. Made up from previous separate premises, Patna Campus was built in 2010.Without doubt, the one thing that was a bridge to all the different staff and services within the centre were the FM staff, the Janitorial and Cleaning team at Patna are an outstanding and integral part of the whole campus, ensuring that each individual unit has equal and shared provision, this is due to the care and sincerity shown by the FM staff. At the helm of the staff within the FM service is Robert Miszalowski, Janitor or Mr. Miz as the staff and pupils know him. He was an individual finalist in the Councils Excellence awards 2008.Jean Whalen is the long term Centre Supervisor for the Community part of the campus and is a well-known and respected figure in the immediate and further community, Jean has worked in this role for 31 years and enjoys her interaction with the school, ECC and Community Centre. The Cleaning staff are headed up by Janet Purdie, Cleaning Supervisor with over 10 years’ experience in the role. Productivity currently sits at 213 M² per hour. This exceeds industry standard set by BICS of 166 – 199 M² per hour. This is achieved through labor-saving equipment as well as a highly motivated team working in a modern building. Absence is one of the lowest in the Council with an attendance rate of 97.70% over the past 3 years for the team as a whole. At their most recent quality assurance, the cleaning team scored 97%, Janitors & Centre Supervisors 98%.