ASSIST FM Outstanding Service Innovation Award 2019

South Ayrshire Council Catering Services, Sponsored by Inhouse Manager[/caption]

South Ayrshire Council Catering Services, Sponsored by Inhouse Manager

The Nurturing Lunch initiative is a new programme for school catering staff. Instigated by Facilities Management, it was developed by Organisations Development in collaboration with Facilities Management and Psychological Services. The programme embeds our organisational behaviours and integrates the Nurture principles, already well established in our classrooms, into our dining halls. It aims to ensure that all pupils are provided with encouragement and support to make informed choices about food and enjoy a caring and supportive lunchtime experience.

The Nurturing Lunch programme consists of interactive workshops to ensure that all pupils have a positive experience in the dining hall. The programme recognises that the principles of Nurture apply to pupils both inside and outside of the classroom that school catering staff can make a real difference to young people.

The programme has been delivered to all primary catering staff and has received positive feedback from catering staff, Head Teachers and the Facilities Management team. It has now been developed for catering staff in secondary schools and is currently being rolled out to eight schools.

Nurture principles have been embedded in South Ayrshire’s schools for many years; however it’s important that there is a consistent approach to creating a nurturing environment across all areas of the school, not just in the classroom. The Nurturing Lunch programme was developed with this in mind, and to ensure that children were experiencing the same nurturing environment at the lunchtime that they have in class.

The South Ayrshire Way was introduced to promote a positive organisational culture by outlining clear standards on how we behave at work, and how we deliver services to customers i.e. in a respectful, positive, supportive manner. By discussing the Nurture principles in detail, staff also understood the impact that not meeting these standards could potentially have on their customers, in this instance, the young people coming through our dining halls. By developing an understanding of the Nurture principles, we could show the direct correlation between these, and the principles of the South Ayrshire Way.