ASSIST FM Outstanding Contribution to Cleaning 2019

Janette White, Loudoun Academy, East Ayrshire Council, Sponsored by Nilfisk Ltd

Janette White, Loudoun Academy, East Ayrshire Council, Sponsored by Nilfisk Ltd

Janette White has worked with the Council since 01/02/1993, in that time she has covered various roles including Catering Assistant, Facilities Assistant, Cleaning Supervisor and now her most recent and her “Most Rewarding” position Cleaning Supervisor/Projects. Janette has been instrumental in changing not only our cleaning products and equipment but in the way we use them, providing team as well as one to one training where required.

She has continually surpassed expectations in her work ethics, getting staff as well as partners to buy into her way of working, as well as making them feel a part of the decisions along the way, especially when setting up new cleaning services, in new as well as existing buildings to everyone’s approval.

Janette took over the Cleaning Supervisor post at Loudoun Academy, a large secondary school and within no time at all had the Cleaning, Janitorial as well as the Teaching staff singing her praises including the Head Teacher, now the Head of Education. All testified Janette also increased morale and performance, by rearranging the overall cleaning set up.

When residents were evacuated from a block of flats in Galston, due to demolition works, having to vacate the building for some time, Janette very quickly pulled a team together and cleaned each flat to allow residents back with little or no dust remaining. This brought great praise not only from the residents, but from the Project Manager too.

When asked about the vacuums we use by some of her staff, Janette arranged with the help of her FMO for our suppliers to give us their best two vacuum cleaners to trial and get valuable feedback to inform us on the “best for the job” machines to use in the future.

Janette is also undertaking training to allow her to operate our new and innovative Mobile Cleaning van, which has various pieces of cleaning equipment installed and should be a great boost to our service in the future as well as supporting our existing service.

Janette works closely with our suppliers and is always looking at new and innovative cleaning solutions and arranging demo’s and trials.

Janette will be involved in the new Barony Campus (the largest educational facility in Scotland when complete) Working closely with other suppliers to deliver cutting edge technology such as New auto dosing data recording with that will allow a very accurate method of monitoring our Cleaning products usage in such a large campus.

Janette has been also deeply involved in providing our Quality Assurance audit of the cleaning standards throughout our premises and supporting the other Cleaning Supervisors in their role as well as Helping out other colleagues in the contract monitoring of our PPP schools regarding cleaning standards.

Recently Janette has been a part of a team that is reviewing our training methods and setting up our own bespoke training programme.

In summary, leading by example and her commitment to providing a quality service Janette has definitely proved her outstanding commitment to the cleaning service.