ASSIST FM Council Innovation Of The Year 2017

West Lothian Council’s FM services employ 860 operatives over four departments, janitorial, school catering, cleaning services and school crossing patrols. We ultimately provide services to the children and are an important link in the greater picture in their education. To help with raising the role our services play in the overall school environment we produced a short film to promote and educate pupils about what our department provides for them. This was a visual way to show the pupils that think the “fairies” prepare the food, clean the classrooms once they leave, open and close the schools, and help them get to school safely, are actually the hard working men and women of the Facilities Management Service.FM – The Movie was pitched to Education Services, and it was agreed that this could be placed within the curriculum for a target audience of Primary 5 children each term. The target audience are of an age where they can understand and appreciate the role of our department, thus helping raise awareness with them on their journey through the education system and the services they receive without them knowing. The film lasts less than 15 minutes and is complimented by a sound track produced and added by a local school band. The short movie covers all four services and follows a child through their day; mirrored alongside what is happening at any given school, thus running side by side from 6am – 10pm. The short film is not school specific; we had all school logos removed so this tool can be used across West Lothian and even wider.