ASSIST FM Cleaning Team of the Year 2018

The 2018 Cleaning Team of the Year award was presented to the team at Whitehill Service Centre in West Lothian Council for their outstanding efforts and professionalism in adapting to their new premises which houses approximately 600 members of staff.

The cleaning team are exceptional due to the fact of their commitment and flexibility to their role in the new service centre. They have gone above and beyond by ensuring that the depots that they have come from have still been cleaned as well as taking on the new service centre.They have not come up with problems/issues but have actively looked at finding solutions and bringing them to the table.As well as their proactive approach and problem-solving abilities, the work ethic of the team has been praised across the centre and as a result they have received lots of positive compliments from building users and the Managers across the centre.A huge congratulations to the whole team: Jackie McAndrew, Eddie McCauley, Lynne Rankin, Lara Smith, Trisha McKenna, Sam Sagerman and Shirley Sneddon!